Stupid Must Knows – Screen

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Prevent losing your work due to broken connections using screen. Especially great when working from an unstable connection. For installation and other information, see: To use screen: ssh into your remote server as usual. Actual using the command screen. You will see an introduction. Just click enter. Now you are using screen! Easy as


Removing Gap Columns from MSA

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Consider the following multiple sequence alignment: >HUMAN —————–METTNGT-ETWYESLHAVLKALNATLHSNLLCRPGPGL–G– >MOUSE —————–METSNGT-ETWYMSLHAVLKALNTTLHSHLLCRPGPGP–G– >CHICKEN —————–MEEDNRT-EPWHHSLQAMLDALNQTLHRAILHP-ST——- … Let’s say you want to remove the columns from the alignment where the query (human) protein sequence has a gap. You may want to do this for a number of reasons though I had to do this trick to get my local