New resampling method for evaluating stability of clusters

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A measure of cluster stability is needed to discriminate between real clusters from random ones, which arise due to random variation of gene expression measurements from both technical and biological variation. In this study, Gana Dresen et al. propose a new “continuous weights” method to measure cluster stability that uses resampling in a manner similar


Region-based segmentation and object detection

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Current computer vision models for image segmentation and object detection use awkward feature mappings and uncoupled subtask representations making joint inference clumsy and leaving the classification of many parts of the scene ambiguous. Gould et al. propose combining image segmentation and object detection in a hierarchical model to reason simultaneously about pixels, regions, and objects


Sequence variation in G-protein-coupled receptors: analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms

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G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) play an important role in many physiological processes such as signal transduction and are frequently the targets for the majority of prescription drugs such as beta-blockers and anti-histamines. Understanding the role of sequence variations such as SNPs in GPCRs has potential implications for elucidating disease pathogenesis mechanisms and drug efficacy issues. In